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The Impact of Customer Loyalty

Posted by Mark Vega on 12/14/16 10:58 AM

Imagine this scenario: You own and operate a successful bakery within your small neighborhood. Your customers flock to your store for your fresh-baked cheese rolls, the delicious cupcakes you bake daily, and especially for your personalized service. You know most of your customers by their first names and can rattle off their regular orders from memory. You've got all the customers you can handle and more.

Then, one day, another bakery opens a mile away. Your business is still going great 6 months after they open. Gradually, however, you notice fewer and fewer of your regular customers coming through the doors. You're seeing some new customers but they don't seem to be buying as much as your regulars used to.

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Newsletter: 3 Ways to Supercharge your Social Media Marketing

Posted by Mark Vega on 6/30/16 11:37 PM

Weekly Tip - Making You More Successful One Idea at a Time.  

You may be a Facebook guru but we’re betting you’re hungry for more. Graduate to the next level of social media marketing with these practical tips.

  1. Automation is Your Friend - Let’s face it, when you were just starting out you may have been able to connect with every customer on social media. But now there’s just not enough time in the day to post to every social network or follow-up with every customer who follows you or shares your content. Consider an easy-to-use social media automation service like Hootsuite or Buffer to ease some of the workload of engaging with customers.
  2. Think Mobile-First - Millions of potential customers carry pocket-sized devices that give them access to your business and promotions. Make sure your website and content look fantastic on those smalls screens since that’s where customers are looking.
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Newsletter: Turning “Likes” to Love on Social Media

Posted by Mark Vega on 6/15/16 6:00 PM

Weekly Tip - Making You More Successful One Idea at a Time.

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