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You Decide: Which Candidate Will Help Your Business?

Posted by Mark Vega on 11/2/16 1:26 PM

No matter which candidate you support for President of the United States it’s important to plan ahead, especially if you own a business--or are thinking of starting a business. It hasn’t been easy to plan ahead. You probably still have questions for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and how they stand on issues affecting small businesses and entrepreneurship. It isn't easy to find answers to those questions. Coverage of each candidate has focused more on scandal and personality than on issues of substance impacting small business.

At BusinessBlocks, we hope to reverse that trend by highlighting each candidate’s position on issues important to you. We use the candidates’ campaign websites (Clinton, Trump) to look at where each candidate stands on tax relief for small business, healthcare, and creating a favorable economic climate for entrepreneurship.

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From Chez Panisse to Little Bee: Spotlight on Stacie Pierce

Posted by Ben Alisuag on 11/2/16 12:57 PM
We're in the final week of Women's Small Business Month (see last week's post here ), and we're honored to feature a San Francisco-based baker, Stacie Pierce, owner of Little Bee Baking. Stacie has an extremely decorated (no pun intended) career in pastries, having most recently served as the Pastry Chef at the celebrated Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California.  
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Polish Meets Pragmatism: Spotlight on Phuong Mai

Posted by Ben Alisuag on 10/26/16 3:23 PM

We're in week 3 of Women's Small Business Month (see last week's post here), and we're honored to feature a San Francisco-based entrepreneur. Meet Phuong Mai, founder and CEO of P.MAI, a fashion brand dedicated to creating bags for the modern woman.

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She's Got the Juice: Spotlight on Katie Munshaw

Posted by Ben Alisuag on 10/19/16 1:48 PM

It's week 2 of Women's Small Business Month (see our previous posts here and here), and we're very excited to feature Katie Munshaw, part owner of Southern Squeezed, a family owned juice company located in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. I have been lucky enough to try some of their juices, and I'm a big fan of their Pink Punch, which includes watermelon, cucumber, lime and mint. Learn more about Katie's story below!

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Happy Women's Small Business Month

Posted by Julia Van Arsdale on 10/5/16 11:42 AM

When it comes to business, we can learn a lot from Beyoncé.

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