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The Impact of Customer Loyalty

Posted by Mark Vega on 12/14/16 10:58 AM

Imagine this scenario: You own and operate a successful bakery within your small neighborhood. Your customers flock to your store for your fresh-baked cheese rolls, the delicious cupcakes you bake daily, and especially for your personalized service. You know most of your customers by their first names and can rattle off their regular orders from memory. You've got all the customers you can handle and more.

Then, one day, another bakery opens a mile away. Your business is still going great 6 months after they open. Gradually, however, you notice fewer and fewer of your regular customers coming through the doors. You're seeing some new customers but they don't seem to be buying as much as your regulars used to.

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Net Promoter Score: How 1 Question Can Save or Sink Your Business

Posted by Ben Alisuag on 11/9/16 2:40 PM

Here’s a question for you...can you tell me which one of your customers are loyal to your business? Can you tell me which ones are likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues? And on the flip side, do you know which customers are giving you unfavorable reviews?

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[Webinar]: How to Get More Customers Using CRM

Posted by Ben Alisuag on 10/5/16 12:00 PM

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Protecting Your Online Reputation is Easy as 1-2-3

Posted by Ben Alisuag on 9/21/16 1:37 PM

One of the most common questions we’re asked by small business owners is, “How do I take down a negative review on Yelp?”

The short answer: it’s tough.

Yelp, and many other reviewing websites like Amazon and Facebook, stand by the customer’s opinion. They’ll only make exceptions if the review violates community guidelines, which includes inappropriate or graphic language, or irrelevant information (i.e. a review about the company’s ideology, and not their product or services). Your best bet is making sure you have a process for responding to negative comments online, and then finding ways to win your customer over the next time.

We have organized our recommendations into three phases: 1) what you should do before an issue arises, 2) what to do in the moment, and 3) what to do as a follow-up.

How do I prepare for negative feedback online?

  • Monitor your online footprint: You can’t resolve online issues if you don’t know about them--so make sure you are constantly monitoring what people are saying about your business. The good news is that there are easy tools that can do all of the work for you. Hootsuite can track all of your social media “mentions” in one place, and you can set up Google alerts to catch the rest.
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Newsletter: Know Your Customers

Posted by Mark Vega on 9/7/16 6:00 AM


You want to understand their customers better. After all, the better you understand your customers, the better you can anticipate their needs. But how do you find valuable information about your customers? It exists in lots of places - here’s three examples for getting data on your customers online (but there are so many more): 

  • Measure social media: Facebook, Google, and Twitter provide tools to help you better understand your customers’ likes and dislikes. They only require a minimal investment of time and money. You're using these social media services already. Now you can really use them. Learn how to tap into Facebook’s massive user base here.
  • Track marketing campaigns: Wouldn't you like to understand the reach and effectiveness of your digital marketing? Google can help you track traffic to your company website and connect those website visits to later purchases.
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