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Webinar: Payments 101 with Square

Posted by Mark Vega on 10/11/17 9:33 AM

Join us for a webinar with Dave Talach, Head of Product for Payments at Square to learn:

  • Forms of payment you can take - cash, credit card and contactless
  • The best payment processing option for your business 
  • How to manage transactions effectively and the tools that can help you do it
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Topics: Cash Flow, Finance, Webinar, Square

Cash Flow Calculations, Simplified

Posted by Mark Vega on 10/4/17 11:42 AM

If you're in business, you already know that multiple activities contribute to cash coming into and going out of the business. These activities all show up on the cash flow statement and help you pinpoint just how much cash your business generates.

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Topics: Accounting & Finance, How-To, Cash Flow